Advancing the design and science of reform

A review of reviews of the causes and remedies for ethnic inequalities in mental health in the UK is being conducted by the Synergi Collaborative Centre.

The centre is assessing previous systematic reviews of the prevalence and incidence rates of mental illness, pathways to care through a hierarchy of services from the community to forensic and criminal justice system, and interventions to address and tackle ethnic inequalities in mental health. A protocol describing our methods has been published online.

Another systematic review conducted by Synergi aims to identify co-created, co-produced or co-designed approaches that have been described in peer-reviewed articles and that involve non-academic stakeholders in the design (co-design), implementation (co-production) or both (co-creation) of health research. A protocol describing the methods being used can be found here.

Synergi’s systematic reviews will provide an overview of previous research on the topic (relating to ethnic inequalities in mental health in the UK) and successful approaches to co-producing or co-curating knowledge with service users, their carers and healthcare professionals. A technique identified in the research literature as ‘Photovoice’ – in which photographic expression is used to display people’s lived experiences and narratives – will be used in Synergi’s public engagement project with ethnic minority people with mental illness, their carers and healthcare professionals.

By Dr Kristoffer Halvorsrud