Inaugural Synergi Pledge Makers Progress Report 2021

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust


This section provides an opportunity for you to explain why you have chosen to be a Pledge Maker.

Pledge commitments

This section is about how, as a Pledge Maker, you and your institution have responded to, prioritised and/or delivered on each Pledge commitment.
Pledge commitment 1:
Initiate fundamental service level changes to reduce ethnic inequalities in access, experience and outcomes.
Pledge commitment 2:
Measure, monitor and report the nature and extent of ethnic inequalities and progress made.
Pledge commitment 3:
Work in partnership with local ethnic minority communities, service users and relevant community agencies.
Pledge commitment 4:
Provide national leadership on this critical issue
Pledge commitment 5:
Ensure inclusive and sustainable change in our localities and communities.
Pledge commitment 6:
Support timely and progressive research and policy development.
Pledge commitment 7:
Contribute to a biannual progress update as part of this Statement of Intent.

Next Steps

This section is for you to share your goals and plans as a Pledge Maker over the next six months.

In October 2021, Synergi plans to host a National Pledge Alliance Symposium for Pledge Makers, Pledge Supporters, Synergi Creative Spaces partners and communities of interest, inspired by Pledge commitment 4: To provide national leadership on this critical issue.

Your Statement of Intent