Synergi photovoice exhibition hits London and Manchester

The Synergi Collaborative Centre will be hosting two free photography exhibitions, in London on 26 September and Manchester on 8 October, featuring the images and narratives of ethnic minority people with lived experience of severe mental illness.

Funded by Queen Mary’s Centre for Public Engagement and the Synergi Collaborative Centre, the free exhibitions will provide a creative space for guests to view the photographs developed through the Synergi photovoice project, which reflect the often unheard stories of service users and carers from London and Manchester. There will also be guest speakers and performances (to be announced).

Attendees will have an opportunity to meet and discuss the photographs and captured narratives with some of the project’s participants.

The exhibitions will be of interest to service user and carer organisations and groups, policymakers, charities, voluntary organisations, academics, students, creatives, artists, journalists, photographers and anyone interested in improving health systems and eradicating ethnic inequalities within mental health services.

One of the Synergi photovoice participants said: “Mental illness is not the end of the world. You can recover from it. The photographs show my past life and present life. This is my real story. I have a life and I have to live for myself before I live for others. I hope that people will come and see my pictures and that they will gain confidence and that they will encourage them.”

To book your tickets for the Synergi photovoice exhibition in London, which will be held at Bush Theatre on 26 September 2018, visit our Eventbrite page.

To find out more about the Manchester exhibition, taking place at Z-Arts on 8 October 2018, book your free tickets here.

The photographs on this page and the home page are by Synergi photovoice project participants and have been reproduced with their permission.